One of the first and foremost noticeable things in your phone is the wallpaper or background you choose to put on. A High-Quality Image or wallpaper can completely transform your phone’s aesthetic. However, when it comes to the iPhone, one of the most disappointing things is that iOS contains only a limited amount of Apple Backgrounds for you to use.  

You can search on google to download Wallpapers that match your vibe, however trimming those to fit the size of your display takes down the aesthetic of the wallpaper, giving you a wallpaper that you don’t wanna put on. 

However, there are over tons of Apps through which you can download the wallpaper that is accurate to your phone’s display and it matches your vibe as well. But, the problem is what app to choose from these tons of applications? Don’t worry this article will provide you with a solution, here are a few Apple Backgrounds apps that have been tested and will perfectly fit your requirements. Keep reading this article to learn about these apps. 

Vellum Wallpapers

If you are looking for an app that provides new wallpaper every day, Vellum Wallpapers would be the perfect app for you to choose. Available only for iOS, this mobile application hosts hundreds of wallpapers in it. The way it keeps the wallpapers and themes organized within the app is spectacular. 

You can choose the best wallpaper that matches your need to enhance the aesthetic of your phone. Furthermore, the Apple backgrounds are neatly organized according to the theme, which makes them more accessible. 

Price: one time $4.70 to remove ads; You can also use it for free, however, you will have to watch ads. 

Icons Skins & Themes

If you are looking for unique captivating Apple Backgrounds, then Icons Skins & Themes is one of the best apps to go after. It offers hundreds of wallpapers to users. However, the free version of the app can be frustrating, since it requires you to watch a 30-second long unskippable ad. Then you will have to roll a wheel to get new points in order to get access to the wallpapers. Aside from the problem with the free version, it is a worthy app for wallpaper zealots who like to keep their phone wrapped in vibrant wallpapers. 

Price: The premium package starts at $5.64 for 3 months. The free version includes ads. 

Live Wallpaper For Me

In case you are more interested in live wallpapers than those plain wallpapers you have got on your iPhone, then opting for Live Wallpaper for Me will be the best choice to make. It hosts hundreds of live Apple Backgrounds categorized according to different genres. It has a vast library that offers tons of vibrant dynamic wallpapers to the users. Furthermore, you will be getting new wallpapers every week. 

Price: You can unlock all wallpapers and remove ads for $5.64. The free version includes basic features and wallpapers. 

Magic Screen

It’s another live wallpaper app, however, the most exciting thing about this app is you can create your customized wallpapers, which is quite a new feature in the broad range of live wallpaper apps. In addition, you can also choose pre-existing Apple Backgrounds that are hosted in the app. 

Price: Free with ads; you can remove ads for $1.20 and you can also unlock features of calendar and fonts for an additional $1.20. 


If you are looking for quality HD Apple Backgrounds to put as your phone background, then Everpix is the best app to opt for. It hosts over 4000 wallpapers that have been neatly organized according to various themes and genres. Another advantage of this app is you will get new wallpapers every week. The free version has some inconveniences since it will require you to watch ads, but given the quality of the wallpapers watching a 30-Second ad is worth it. 

Price: The premium starts at $2.29. The free version includes ads and doesn’t support grid view. 


All of these apps are tested and are perfectly safe for your phone. You will be getting a wide assortment of versatile Apple Backgrounds from each app. You can find these apps in your Apple App Store or you can also download them from reliable websites. In a nutshell, none of these wallpaper apps is going to disappoint you.