Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is becoming increasingly popular as a natural remedy for many ailments, including anxiety and joint pain. Many pet owners use CBD oil to help their cats with similar issues. However, it can be challenging to know how best to administer it. Here are eight ways you can give CBD Oil for Cats safely and effectively. 


  1. Put It in Their Food 

One of the simplest ways to give your cat CBD oil is by adding it directly into their food bowl. This ensures that they consume the correct dose each time, making administering it a breeze. You can mix the suggested CBD oil dosage with any wet or dry food your cat likes, ensuring there is enough food in the bowl so they don’t taste the difference. This method also works well if your cat dislikes taking things orally or has difficulty swallowing pills.   

  1. Give It As Treats 

If your cat doesn’t like having anything added to their regular food, then giving them treats containing CBD oil could be an effective alternative. Plenty of brands offer special treats specifically designed for this purpose, which have just the right amount of CBD per treat without compromising on flavor or texture. If you prefer, there are recipes online for DIY treats using ingredients such as tuna, salmon and cheese that you can make at home using a few milligrams of CBD oil per treat – perfect if you have picky eaters!  

  1. Use a dropper bottle 

If neither of these methods works for your cat, another option is to use a dropper bottle filled with liquid CBD oil drops. Place a reduction on your finger or a spoon and encourage him to lick it off – but do not force him, as this can cause unnecessary stress for you and your pet! Alternatively, you could try placing 1-2 drops directly on their tongue – although this isn’t recommended as cats often don’t like to have anything put now in their mouth and may resist being restrained, which can further increase stress levels rather than reduce them as intended with the administration of the product.  

  1. Add to the water bowl 

Adding small amounts of CBD oil to your cat’s water bowl is another way to administer it easily without causing too much stress or mess – especially useful if several cats share a water source! Simply dilute between 0-5mg per liter (depending on the strength of the product purchased) before filling their drinking bowls daily – this way, all the cats in the household will benefit from the effects. However, they should be aware that anything has been added due to the lack of taste/odor in the final solution.

  1. Sprinkle on catnip toys 

Catnip toys already provide hours of entertainment and pleasure for cats – however, add a few pre-measured doses of CBD oil during the manufacturing process (or sprinkle directly onto the finished product after assembly). Suddenly those same toys become medicinal tools capable of helping reduce symptoms associated with chronic conditions such as arthritis while simultaneously providing therapeutic benefits caused by the presence of cannabidiol within the toy itself.

  1. Make it into a lotion 

You could also create a topical lotion containing appropriate concentrations of CBD extract mixed with several carrier oils (eucalyptus/olive etc.), which can then be applied directly to the affected area(s). This method offers more control over the dosages used while allowing easy application through gentle rubbing motion applied manually by the owner or via a professional groomer, depending on the severity of the issue/s present when treatment is required.

  1. Use of transdermal patches

For longer-lasting relief, transdermal patches offer a great alternative to the traditional methods of administration mentioned above – apply the patch topically to areas of skin without hair, allowing active ingredients to penetrate deep into tissues below the surface layers where they begin to take effect almost immediately afterward! Depending on the need, they come in various sizes and strengths, meaning finding the most suitable patch size should be easy.


  1. Mix with pet shampoo 

Mixing small amounts of CBD extract shampoo taken bath time is the final simple yet effective solution available to those looking to incorporate cannabidiol treatments into the everyday life of beloved animals – not only does purchase give a chance to keep fur coats clean healthy, but a condition also provides additional benefits associated anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory properties found many products market today making them ideal choice general maintenance needs domestic pets households worldwide.