Many families plan their Disney World vacations months in advance where others go so far as to book a year away. Some great discount deals can be found if you plan and book for something in the future. Still a few people like to be a little more spontaneous and keep an eye out for that last minute cancellation or deal that may come up giving you only hours to plan, pack and get out the door. No matter what type of family you are, you will want to make sure that you have thought to consider at least the basics for your trip.

Look for savings wherever you can

Book ahead and often save more than 15%. Find a package deal and you can save not only on flights but on hotel costs and car rentals, and many times even the admission price to the Disney World theme parks. When looking for a hotel, look for one that offers a kitchen section so you can save hundreds of dollars on eating out or ordering in for your family. Even if mom is on vacation and not up to cooking, buying sweet rolls, cold cuts and salads, eggs, bacon and other easy to make foods will still save a ton of cash. It has been estimated that the average family of four who go on vacation will spend $170 a day on food eating out. By purchasing simple grocery items you can put together in your hotel room, you can save your family $40-$75 a day which can be used for other stuff.

When planning your adventures at the theme parks you will want to know what the charges are for each park, which ones are included in each package, and if there are any additional charges such as parking that are not included. Knowing this information will enable you to look for any discounts, deals or specials for combining rates and packages.

While it is a nice thought to be able to get to every part of the Disney World park, the reality is with the vast size of the park sections and the time it takes for you to roam about and enjoy things, you will probably only have time to visit a few areas. Talk it over with your children. If your husband and you don’t care where you go, take a vote to see which part of the park is the most favored. For smaller children, Disney Magic Kingdom may be a perfect spot, for older kids who are into Science, maybe the Epcot Center would hold the most interest.

For those who love animals, activities and rides, there is Animal Kingdom, and for those movie buffs or aspiring movie directors, there is Hollywood Studios. There is also the water park for those daring to be wet and wild all day long. The downtown Disney area is a great place for mom and dad to take a break and hang out. Grabbing a bite at a restaurant or walking around hand in hand taking in the landscape while they eat ice cream on giant hand made waffle cones. Remember that the number one important thing to accomplish on this trip is to have a fun time with your family so you can share lasting memories for years to come.

Take the Time to Build Memories

For most families, Disney World vacations are something that happen only once in their childhood. For some, this means traveling to another country other than their own, for others it means the chance to visit grandparents on the other side of the country while exploring something new. Taking the time to get to know your family, spend as much time as you can playing, chatting, checking out the country around you, taking pictures, and talking to other people you meet, will allow you to create lasting memories you will cherish all while strengthening the family bond.