Pets are beyond family to many humans. For some, cats give a sense of joy, comfort, and safety. According to several researchers, cats feel the same about humans. They display similar feelings of jealousy and possession. The personality of cats also varies, just like humans, as some are more affectionate while others may come out as closed-off. Some cats can also become obsessed with their owners due to several reasons. So, if someone is thinking about why is my cat so obsessed with me, here are the possible reasons. 

  • Insecurity 

Just like humans, cats can grow insecure. It is the case for most owners who have multiple pets. The cat may feel they are not getting enough attention or gifts. Cats are, anyway, jealous creatures. They may pick a fight with the other pets or steal their food. So, the owner may need to figure out a way to give equal care and attention to all their pets. If needed, one should also spend time with their cat alone, away from other pets and family members. 

  • Anxiety 

It is surprising how similar cats and humans are. They experience anxiety as well. The cat may be anxious due to several reasons, as mentioned below.

  1. A scary experience like running into a dog
  2. Traumatic past before adoption
  3. Trauma due to injury or other experiences 
  4. Lack of safety 
  5. Sudden change in the surrounding environment 

In such a situation, one must make their cat feel safe again. It may begin with treating them with love, spoiling them with toys and treats, patting them often, and more. 

  1. Being indulged in the past 

Some cats are coddled or subjected to overprotective treatment as a kitten. Due to this, they become obsessed and overly attached to humans as they grow up. Some cats even see their owners as the essence of their existence. In this case, the owner may feel a bit troubled initially. Despite that, the cat would need to learn to become independent over time. So, the owner would need to draw some boundaries by providing them with dedicated spots to eat, sleep, and play. The cat will develop a habit of using these for their comfort with time.

  1. Separation anxiety 

It may sound bizarre, but cats experience separation anxiety as humans do. If a cat was separated from their family or mother as a kitten, it might instill fear in its mind. Like humans, they would feel scared about losing their loved ones or their owners. 

As a guardian, one must help their beloved kitty deal with unhealthy feelings. The best way is to make them feel secure and safe. One can do so by developing a good routine for themselves and the cat, allocating time to eating, sleeping, playing, and more. One should also make their home cat-friendly. Once they feel secure and stable, one may observe the desired behavior changes and a shift in their obsession.

Staying together all the time 

During the pandemic, everyone worked from home, spending all the time with family and pets. Due to this, another reason why cats become obsessed with their owners arose. They got used to staying on their owners’ laps practically for months. Then, as people started going back to their offices, their cats felt as if they had been left behind. The sudden change led to difficulty in adjusting to the absence of their presence. It is yet another reason cats feel obsessed with their owners.

So, if someone finds themselves thinking why is my cat so obsessed with me, they should look out for these reasons. Then, they can find measures to address the situation.