Do you know how to pick out the best styles of clothing that will flatter your figure? It can be tough, but with a little help from fashion experts and tips from your friends, it’s easy to find what works.

Fashion is all about making an impression. If you want others to notice you—and not just by your physical appearance—you need to dress accordingly to create the image you desire. For most of us, this means finding clothes that fit our shape and gives cottagecore aesthetic look.

The first step is understanding your own body type. There are three basic types of body shapes: pear-shaped, apple-shaped, and straight or rectangular. Each has its benefits and disadvantages when choosing which clothes work best. The next thing to do is understand what each of these body shapes looks like. Then, you need to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Read on to learn more about your body type and how to wear clothes that flatters you!

Apple-shaped bodies

Apple-shaped bodies have wide hips and narrow shoulders. They often carry themselves in a straight posture and prefer slim designs. This shape tends to look great in dresses with rounded necklines, fitted jackets, and skirts with flared hemlines.

However, people who fall into this category may feel self-conscious because their hips tend to hang low. Also, they may suffer from back pain if they don’t fit their clothes properly. Their bust size also tends to shrink after pregnancy, so choosing maternity clothes early can prevent this problem.

An Apple-Shaped Body Type:

• A natural waistline

• Flared skirts

• Slim pants

• Round necklines


• They make a good match for dresses with fitted bodices

• They look great in fitted shirts and blazers

• Their backsides look great in sleek trousers

• They usually have slender legs and arms


• Hips and busts tend to expand

• Back pains are common

• They may find it difficult to get pregnant

Pear-shaped bodies

People with pear-shaped bodies have full hips and thighs and tend to carry themselves in a slightly stooped posture. They often have broad shoulders and love wearing loose-fitting tops, long sleeves, and flowing skirts. This shape often makes them stand out in a crowd because of the way it emphasizes their curves. Most women with pear-shaped bodies also have a larger bust than those with other body types.

A Pear-Shaped Body Type:

• Broad shoulders

• Smaller busts than those with other body types

• Wider hips

• Loose-fitting tops

• Long sleeves

• Flowered skirts


• They make a good match for loose-fitting tops

• They look great in flowing skirts

• They have a smaller waist

• They generally have wider legs and arms

• They often have more energy

• They find it easier to gain weight than those with other body types


• Busts tend to expand over time

• Hips and buttocks become rounder

• They may experience lower back pain

• They may find it difficult to lose weight

Rectangular bodies

Rectangular bodies have long, lean figures with narrower waists and hips than those with other body types. Women with this shape tend to walk with a straight posture and prefer fitted tops and jackets with buttoned cuffs and collars. They also tend to gravitate toward pants with pleats or pockets and flats instead of heels.

A Rectangular Body Type:

• Narrow waists

• Straight posture

• Heels

• Pants with pleats or pockets

• Flats instead of heels


• They make a good match for fitted tops and jackets

• They look great in fitted trousers

• Their backsides look great in sleek pants

• They have slimmer legs and arms


• They often have wider hips and busts

• Wider waists

• Higher blood pressure

• They have less energy

• Lower back pain

What should I avoid?

When it comes to shopping for clothes, people have different preferences. Some people love buying new clothes every season, while others prefer to stick to basics. However, there are certain body types that you should avoid at all costs.

Here are some common mistakes that people with certain body types make when trying to shop for clothes:

• Avoiding clothes that fit well

• Choosing clothes that don’t suit their body type

• Not getting enough sleep

• Overdoing exercise

• Losing weight too quickly

• Stressing unnecessarily

Lastly You Need To Understand that the clothes of certain types are not meant for your body. That doesn’t mean you have to change yourself to fit in but always love your body the way it is. Always remember the rule: clothes are meant to fit you.

You should always try to stick to your normal routine during the day so that your body adjusts to your new clothes. You should also try to limit alcohol intake and stay hydrated.