Microblading is a popular technique for those looking to enhance their eyebrows. Microblading eyebrows is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that involves using a handheld tool with tiny needles to implant pigment under your skin to create the look of individual hairs. With microblading, you can achieve natural looking and long-lasting results, but there are some things you should be aware of before you commit to having the procedure done. This article will discuss what you can expect during and after your microblading session.

What Happens During The Procedure?

Before beginning your microblading session, your technician will draw on the shape of your brows with a pencil so that they can discuss with you any changes or adjustments that need to be made. Once both parties approve, the technician will apply a numbing cream that helps reduce discomfort during the procedure. Once it’s taken effect, they will begin implanting pigment into the skin in fine strokes that mimic natural hair growth patterns for a more realistic look. The entire process takes about two hours depending on how complex or detailed your desired design is.

Aftercare instructions

Once the microblading process is complete, your technician will give you instructions on how to care for your new eyebrows to ensure optimal healing and longevity of colour and shape. In general, these instructions include: not picking or scratching, avoiding make-up and swimming for at least 7 days after the procedure, and applying an appropriate ointment several times a day for up to 14 days after the procedure.

Redness & swelling after treatment

It’s normal for there to be some redness around the area immediately after treatment, which will usually subside within 48 hours if the correct post-treatment care is followed. As for swelling, this can also occur but is usually minimal unless otherwise noted by your technician prior to treatment (as everyone experiences discomfort differently). If swelling does occur, it should subside within 24-48 hours after treatment.

Touch-ups & colour retention

Most technicians recommend scheduling touch ups 6 weeks after the initial treatment as this allows time for pigment retention while still allowing enough time for any fading that may occur due to sun exposure or other external factors such as skin care products containing AHA/BHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids/Beta Hydroxy Acids). Touch-ups also give clients the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments based on their own personal preferences in terms of shape or colour intensity etc.

Results & Longevity

With proper care, the results of microblading can last anywhere from 1 – 3 years, depending largely on lifestyle habits such as sun exposure, how often one cleans their face daily etc… However, whether one chooses to have touch ups every 6 months or only once every few years, it’s important that clients understand that results vary greatly from individual to individual and no two sets of eyebrows are exactly alike, even when created by the same artist!


Overall, microblading is an excellent option for those who want beautiful yet natural-looking brows without having to do anything more than wash their face every day! Not only does this quick 2 hour procedure give almost instant results, but they also last much longer than traditional methods such as waxing or threading, making it an ideal choice for anyone considering enhancing their appearance without committing to long term maintenance!