I’ve been studying astrology for many years, and I have read a lot of books on the subject. But one topic that is always a challenge to most people is understanding chiron in astrology. So let’s take a look at what this planet is all about so you can start getting a handle on it and begin using it for healing! 

Chiron is named after the mythological Greek Centaur. This is because it resembles a human being with the feet of a horse. The Greeks believed that these were the original Centaurs who lived on Mount Pelion. They also believed that they had become immortal through their association with Zeus or Jupiter. But when the gods punished them for their insolence by turning them into horses, they became trapped there forever. 

The word “chiron” comes from the Greek letter chi meaning circle as well as the Hebrew letter chesh which means hundred. That would make it mean “100”. 

So how does chiron relate to astrology? Well, we know that each sign of the zodiac represents 12 months of time. And each month has 30 days. So if you count up all of those months, you’ll find that you’re actually looking at 360 degrees. 

Now think of all the planets within the zodiac. If you multiply them by 12 and then add them together, you get 144. When you do that same math process to find out how many degrees are present, you will discover that chiron is at exactly 72 degrees. 

That’s right, 72 degrees! So now that you understand how much space chiron occupies in the zodiac, it should be easier to see why so many people are confused about it. 

The complete guidance of the Chiron in Sagittarius will help the people to understand the effect it is having on the person.  He should make the proper analysis so that he can avoid the future problem that might arise. The presence of the chriron in the zodiac have differ effect from person to person.

It’s important that you know some basic facts about chiron before you move forward. First off, chiron does not occupy any of the signs of the zodiac. What this means is that it doesn’t belong to any of the categories of Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, Aries, Taurus or Gemini. The reason why it is not considered part of any of these signs is because it has an entirely different nature than any other planet in our solar system. 

There are two reasons why this is so. One, chiron has no orbit around the sun. It doesn’t even have a definite position within the solar system. Two, it is very small compared to the other planets. 

This is just another way to say that chiron occupies its own category all on its own. Now, you may be wondering why I didn’t include Pluto in my list. That’s because Pluto isn’t a real planet either. It’s simply a dwarf planet orbiting the sun between Mars and Neptune. It was once known as the ninth planet but was demoted to tenth place after astronomers concluded that it wasn’t really a planet at all. 

But back to chiron. There are three things you need to know about it. Number one, chiron sits outside the orbit of Uranus. This means that it never crosses over any of the planets in the solar system. Number two, it is located in the sky directly above the head of Aquarius, the water bearer. Number three, it is associated with the head of a man (or woman). This is why it is sometimes referred to as the “head” planet. 

In astrology, the number nine is often used to represent chiron. Nine is the number of the divine feminine and it is linked to healing and wholeness. The number nine symbolizes the spiritual dimension. On the other hand, the number eleven represents the physical world. You can imagine how these numbers would balance themselves out in order to create something of such great importance as chiron. 

We know from ancient texts that chiron was regarded as the wisest and most learned of all the centaurs. He was often called the “wisdom god” because he embodied the highest wisdom. His name meant “perfect knowledge” and he was said to have the power to heal all diseases. 

And here is where chiron becomes truly important. Because chiron is a healing planet, it can help people overcome illnesses more quickly. It can help them recover faster from injuries and surgeries. And it can help people overcome addiction problems. 

If you want to use chiron for healing, remember that it can only work in conjunction with other planets and signs. This means that you should work with both Venus and Mercury, for example. But you must avoid working with any other planets or stars in your birth chart. These planets or stars can compete with chiron and prevent it from doing its job. 

If you want to use chiron for healing, you might want to get a good astrological reading. This will give you information about the planets and signs that will support your efforts. 

The best thing you can do for yourself is to learn as much as possible about chiron. Read books written by experts on the subject. Attend workshops or seminars that deal with chiron and its healing powers. Get online and search for forums where others discuss chiron. 

When you do everything mentioned here, you will soon realize that chiron is worth learning more about. And you will soon come to appreciate the fact that it is such a powerful healer that it deserves to be included in any holistic approach to health and wellness. 

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