When I first started my YouTube channel, I was a little clueless about what to do next. After all, it’s not like you can just go into your bank account and get some money to buy advertising or pay for ads on Google. 

The truth is that without any experience with marketing online, the best thing you can do for yourself is to follow a few proven steps in order to drive traffic to your YouTube videos and create a following of loyal fans who will eventually want to see more content from you. This article provides tips for a beginner trying to build an audience using YouTube. It may seem daunting at first but if you are willing to put in the time and effort, then you’ll be rewarded by having loyal fans who will share your videos and promote them for you. Here’s how to start building an audience using YouTube: 

  1. Decide On A Niche And Start With Videos In That Category 

Before you even think about starting your YouTube channel, make sure that you have decided upon a niche that you’re interested in writing about, whether it’s related to entertainment, sports, health, business or politics. Once you’ve done this, then it’s time to start thinking about getting ideas for videos. One great way to generate ideas for videos is to simply look through the most popular channels in your niche and find their videos that you would enjoy watching. You can also use YouTube’s search feature to search for videos related to your topic. When you find one that looks interesting, watch it and take notes as you watch so that you can remember what kind of information you’d like to include in your own videos. 

  1. Find A Good Name For Your Channel 

Once you have found a couple of videos that you’d like to turn into your own series, now is the time to pick a name for your new channel. There are many ways that you can come up with a good name for your channel that will help you stand out from the crowd and increase the likelihood that people will subscribe to your channel, but there is one very important factor that you must consider before doing anything else. 

That factor is keyword research. 

Keyword tools such as Wordtracker and Ubersuggest will allow you to analyze how often certain keywords are searched for on Google, Yahoo! Search and Bing. If you are looking to rank well for specific keywords, then you should try to incorporate those keywords into your title, description and tags. 

  1. Create An Awesome Video And Upload It To YouTube 

Now that you have a good idea what type of videos you’d like to produce, it’s time to begin producing them. Before you upload your video to YouTube however, you need to make sure that it meets the minimum quality standards that YouTube has set forth. In other words, you need to make sure that your video has a high enough bitrate (quality) level and a low enough frame rate (speed). 

If your video does not meet these requirements, then YouTube will automatically downgrade your video to 480p which will decrease its quality while increasing its speed. This may sound like a bad thing but actually it’s better than having no video at all because it means that YouTube won’t show your video on the site until you’ve fixed the problem. So, instead of going to YouTube and waiting for weeks for your video to appear, you can fix the issue right away before you upload it. 

Once you’ve uploaded your video, it’s time to post comments on YouTube promoting it. Make sure that you leave your URL in the description box so that viewers can click it to view your video. Also, be sure to add a call to action button somewhere in the screen capture area of your video so that viewers can subscribe to your channel. 

  1. Get People Subscribed To Your Channel 

One of the biggest benefits that you can receive from creating videos on YouTube is that you can earn income from them. However, you cannot expect to get rich overnight. In fact, it can take years of consistent efforts before you start seeing results. However, the good news is that once you’re able to consistently create and upload videos to YouTube, it becomes much easier to get subscribers. 

There are two main strategies that you can use in order to get people subscribed to your channel. These strategies are called “engagement” and “subscriber acquisition”. 


This strategy involves the creation of engaging videos that have a lot of information within them. The goal here is to keep viewers engaged with your content so that they will continue to watch your videos over and over again. Some examples of engagement tactics that you can use to create engaging videos are to provide valuable insight into topics that your viewers are curious about, to answer questions that people ask you frequently, and to discuss current events that are relevant to your niche. 

Subscriber Acquisition 

The second strategy that you can use to acquire subscribers is to offer something of value to your viewers in exchange for their email addresses. This is done either by providing free downloads of products, services or eBooks, or by offering exclusive discounts to people who sign up for your mailing list. A common mistake that beginners make when attempting to acquire subscribers is to try to force people to sign up for their mailing list. While this might work initially, it’s best to approach it the opposite way by making it easy for people to sign up and provide them with compelling reasons to do so. 

  1. Build Relationships With Other Content Creators 

Another benefit of becoming active on YouTube is that you can gain access to other content creators that live in the same niche as you. By interacting with them on YouTube, you can learn from each other’s experiences and advice, and you can also establish relationships with people who could potentially become future clients or partners. 

  1. Use Social Media Tools To Drive Traffic To Your YouTube Channels 

Social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook are great places where you can interact with potential followers and fans of your YouTube channel. Not only is this beneficial from a marketing standpoint, but social media sites are also ideal platforms for engaging in conversation with your fans. 

  1. Be Consistent With Your Production Schedule 

In order to build an audience on YouTube, you need to develop a schedule for uploading new videos regularly. The reason for this is because people will eventually grow tired of viewing the same old videos over and over again if you don’t change things up occasionally. As with everything else in life, consistency is key. 

While the above tips should give you a good head start if you decide to get involved in YouTube marketing, there are some additional things that you should know that can help you improve your success rate even further. First of all, you should always be posting fresh content on a regular basis. Second, you should be posting videos every week, unless you have a really busy season at work. Third, you should avoid being too promotional or sales-oriented. Instead, focus on providing useful information in your videos. Lastly, you should make it a point to respond to every comment left on your videos by your fans. 

If the person will follow these basic steps then they can have a good number of the viewers on the YouTube channel. In case if they lack in the number of the subscribers then they can purchase from the reliable service providers like manager gram.

It takes time and patience to build an effective YouTube presence, but if you stay focused and follow these simple steps, you will soon be attracting an audience that will want to hear more from you and spread your videos around the internet.