Gravity bongs are one of the most popular ways to get high. The gravity bong is a simple device that uses the power of gravity and water to create an intense smoking experience. It’s easy to make, inexpensive, and perfect for anyone who wants to take their smoking game up a notch. In this ultimate guide, you will learn how gravity bongs work, how to make your own gravity bong, and what types of materials you need for the best possible smoking experience.

What is a gravity bong?

A gravity bong is a type of pipe that uses the power of gravity and water pressure to deliver an intense hit of smoke in one go. It works by submerging a bowl filled with cannabis in the water while using air pressure to create suction at the other end. This creates a vacuum effect that forces the smoke into your lungs in one big hit. Many people find that this gives them an extra potent high compared to smoking from traditional pipes or joints.

How does a gravity bong work?

The way a gravity bong works is quite simple. All you need is some sort of container (like a bottle or bucket) filled with water and something like aluminum foil or plastic wrap stretched over the top opening (this acts as the bowl). You then light your cannabis and place it in the aluminum foil/plastic wrap so that it’s submerged in the water below. When you pull up on the container, this creates air pressure on top of the bowl holding your cannabis, forcing all the smoke down into your lungs in one big hit when you release your grip!

Advantages of using a gravity bong

Gravity bongs offer many advantages over traditional methods of smoking weed, such as pipes or joints. For starters, they’re incredibly easy to make, even if you don’t have any special materials or access to fancy tools – just about anything can be used, as long as it’s airtight around its opening! In addition, they deliver extremely potent hits as all the smoke is forced directly into your lungs at once, rather than being filtered out by combustion as with regular pipes/bongs etc., making them great for those looking for an extra strong buzz! Finally, they use very little material compared to traditional methods, so there’s less waste overall – meaning more bang for your buck!

Benefits of making your own gravity bong

Making your own gravity bong has many advantages over buying pre-made ones from shops or online retailers, as they often come with built-in features such as filters and adjustable airflow settings – both of which are missing from DIY versions made from everyday household items such as bottles or buckets! What’s more, making your own means that you can customize everything from size/shape/materials used to your liking without spending too much money, something that wouldn’t be possible if you were to buy pre-made variants due to their fixed design specifications & pricing structure! Finally, doing it yourself also allows for experimentation & personalization, which can lead to greater satisfaction & enjoyment during use, knowing exactly what went into the construction of each piece!

Types of materials needed to make a gravity bong

When making a homemade gravity bong, you will need a variety of materials depending on the type of bong you decide to make, but in general, we recommend using either plastic bottles (preferably clear), aluminum foil (ideally thick enough not to puncture easily), rubber bands/string & scissors for cutting pieces if necessary – all readily available items found in most households anyway! If you opt for more complex designs, then you may need additional items such as tubing/hoses plus accessories such as valves & gaskets, but these aren’t usually essential unless you go beyond the basic construction techniques outlined below.

How to make a basic homemade gravity bong

Making a basic homemade version requires only two components – either two plastic bottles cut in half lengthwise (to act as bowls) or alternatively a larger bottle cut in half near its base to create two separate chambers after cutting off the top; whichever option you choose, there should still be some space left at the top to allow oxygen to flow freely through the chamber(s). Once done, simply stretch some aluminum foil over the mouth(s) before securing with rubber bands/string etc., leaving enough slack between the edges so that the flames don’t touch the sides when lit – then fill the lower chamber with the desired amount of water before packing the bowl(s) full of ground up buds, ready to use whenever you want!


In conclusion, gravity provides smokers with smooth yet potent hits every time – allowing users to better control their dosage levels whilst enjoying unique flavors only associated with certain strains! While building models from scratch may seem daunting at first; following the instructions provided above should give readers plenty of confidence to experiment further until becoming experts themselves – ensuring that future sessions become memorable experiences no matter where the location happens to be 🙂