Fortnite accounts are the key to unlocking all of the game’s features and rewards, including exclusive in-game items, cosmetics, and free V-Bucks. One way that players can get ahead in the game is by increasing their account level. This article explains what account levels are and how players can increase their levels to receive better rewards and bonuses.

Account levels explained

One of the main factors that determines a player’s progress in Fortnite is their account level. Players earn experience points (XP) by completing various activities such as playing matches, building structures, harvesting materials, and more. As they accumulate XP, they can level up their accounts, which unlocks new content such as emotes, skins, pickaxes, gliders, back blings, wraps and more. Each time a player levels up, they will also receive bonus rewards such as V-Bucks or Daily Login Items, depending on their current progress through the Seasonal Battle Pass system.

How to earn account levels

There are several ways players can increase their account levels in Fortnite:

1. Playing matches

The easiest way to earn XP is by playing regular matches, either solo or with friends/teammates. For each match completed, players will be rewarded with XP based on achievements such as kills or objectives completed during the match.

2. Completing Challenges

Throughout most seasons, there are weekly challenges that offer additional XP when completed, in addition to the regular XP earned by playing matches regularly. These challenges range from simple tasks such as inflicting damage with certain weapons to more difficult ones such as achieving certain high scores or eliminating opponents with certain weapon types over several days of matches played throughout the season.

3. Taking part in events

During special events, such as holiday themes or limited-time cross-overs between other franchises, players can often find additional ways to earn XP quickly without having to win too many matches (easily accessed via menus within the game itself).

4. Purchasing Battle Passes

Players who purchase Battle Passes at any point during a season will automatically increase their total accumulated XP by a large percentage upon activation, depending on how far along they were in their progression (the larger the percentage, the less grinding required for future reward tiers earlier in the season).


Account levels play an important role in Fortnite, as they allow players to unlock exclusive content that is only available at higher progression levels throughout the duration of each season, making it easier for them to customise their characters and even giving them access to better bonuses overall compared to lower level users they play against in the game. By following these tips and putting in a few extra hours each day, as well as taking part in events whenever they are available, everyone should eventually reach max level, regardless of their starting point before diving into this world of Battle Royale mayhem!