In this digital age, your online security and safety is very essential to consider. The hackers are always there to steal your information and data to harm you in some way or other. You often send messages and texts to your friends, families or colleagues, but are those messages properly encrypted! If not, then you are really supposed to make sure that that the messages are sent in its encrypted form. 

Hence, if you are really looking forward to send classified information that won’t be hacked by some malicious hackers, then you have all the reasons to go for Privnote. This is such a free web service that enables you to submit hidden articles online and send it effectively to the receiver. This web service is known to be elementary, quick and effective for the users. You will surely be benefitted upon using it. Therefore, you must use Privnote to ensure your digital safety and security to say the least. 

How does this platform work?

Before you proceed to make the best use of Privnote, it is important for you to know how this platform works. First of all, you can simply write some article and then you are to get a link for written article. You are then supposed to copy and paste the link into some instant message (or electric message) to send it to the receiver. The person or the receiver will then get the link and click on it. Once the receiver clicks on the link for the first time, it will open and the person will be able to read it through their own browser. But after reading once, the article will self-destruct. It means the receiver is not likely to get the chance to read the article for the second time as the link will not work upon clicking the second time.

As the article or text gets self-destructed, the hackers do not get the chance to apprehend it. This is how proper safety and protection is maintained on this platform while an article or message is sent from sender to receiver. As a sender of the message, you can just relax about your online safety and security.

More on this private platform

It goes without saying that Privnote is really considered to be a secure and private platform that protects the data and information of sender perfectly. As compared to other such similar private platform, Privnote is considered to be more useful and beneficial for you to say the least. This platform really makes sure that none of the sender’s data gets compromised by hackers.

As the sender, you are given the option to send a single message or article to multiple recipients if you wish so. There is an option ‘Show options’ where you are supposed to click. In this option, you can specific the receivers’ details and how many times the note can be retrieved. Once the note is read for that specified times, then it will get automatically deleted for the right reasons.  This whole process is quick and efficient.