Mental health is an important issue that affects millions of people. It’s a topic that often comes up in conversation, especially among those who suffer from anxiety and depression. There are many misconceptions about mental illness, one of which being how it affects the brain. The reality is that mental health has nothing to do with the brain or even our thoughts. People who suffer from anxiety disorders such as OCD, PTSD, panic attacks, phobias, and more can have trouble regulating their emotions. This is because they are constantly thinking about the things they should be doing, but find themselves unable to control certain actions. 

The most common treatment methods for mental illnesses are medication and therapy. These options can help improve symptoms, but sometimes the side effects make coping difficult. For example, medications can cause weight gain or loss, while therapy can require long hours of commitment that some just cannot afford. In addition, these treatments may not be enough if you also have co-occurring conditions like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or eating disorders. 

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Fidgeting is a way to relieve anxiety. While there are numerous ways to fidget, I prefer functional fidget jewelry. Here are several reasons why functional fidget jewelry works better than traditional fidget toys. 

1) They’re Not Designed to Be Played With 

Traditional fidget toys, like rubber bands, pens, pencils, etc., are designed to be played with. When you play with them, they become tools you use to perform tasks. But when you’re anxious, you don’t need to use your hands to get yourself out of the situation — all you have to do is think about something else. That’s why functional fidget jewelry helps people manage their anxiety. It serves as a distraction technique that allows them to take their mind off whatever they feel anxious about without having to actually do anything. 

2) They Can Help You Get Into Action Mode 

When someone gets anxious around a task, they tend to procrastinate. So when you feel anxious, you might be tempted to tell yourself “I’ll do this later.” However, the problem is that when you put off a task until later, it becomes impossible to complete. So instead of telling yourself “later,” try telling yourself “now!” Instead of waiting to do something, you may want to act on it now. If you wear functional fidget jewelry, you will be able to immediately start working on the task without having to wait for later. 

3) They Are Easy to Carry Around 

Many anxiety sufferers have trouble carrying objects around. When you’re anxious, holding onto physical objects can make you feel even worse. So if you’re going somewhere and you notice yourself feeling anxious, you might consider wearing a functional fidget necklace. Then, whenever you feel the onset of anxiety, you won’t have to worry about holding onto any objects. Instead, all you have to do is reach into your pocket and pull out the necklace. You can then begin working on whatever task you were planning to work on. 

4) They Are Comfortable 

Another great benefit of functional fidget jewelry is that they are comfortable. Many traditional fidget toys are made out of materials that feel rough against your skin. The more uncomfortable the object feels, the easier it is to distract yourself from your anxiety. But functional fidget jewelry are soft, so they’re much more comfortable to wear. They also come in a variety of colors and styles, so you’ll always find one that fits your personality. 

5) They Are Affordable 

Functional fidget jewelry is less expensive than traditional ones. Plus, you can buy these items online and avoid the hassle of traveling to stores to purchase them. If you shop online, you can compare prices between different retailers. And since these bracelets/necklaces are customizable, you can choose a style that matches your lifestyle. 

6) They’re Fun! 

Finally, functional fidget jewelry is fun! And they’re usually made out of durable metals that last a long time. Unlike traditional fidget toys, they can be used to perform simple tasks like opening doors and turning knobs. They can also be worn in public without anyone giving you strange looks. In fact, they are perfect for helping you focus during classes or meetings. 

If you’re suffering from anxiety, there’s no reason to keep it inside. Instead, transform your life by starting to wear functional fidget jewelry. By utilizing these wearable pieces, you can reduce your anxiety, get yourself into action mode, and live a happier and healthier life.