Snap is a game that lets you create and share your own digital comic book with friends. Like most games, it’s pretty easy to get started in Marvel Snap tier list but as the title suggests, there are some tricks and tips for newbies.

In this article I’ll cover everything from setting up your account, to getting to know your favourite characters, to creating your first page. 

Step 1: Sign Up

Getting started in Marvel Snap is really easy because signing up for an account only takes a few minutes. You can sign up on either Android or iOS using the same method so if one of those is your platform of choice, then feel free to use it here too.

When you’ve signed up go ahead and tap the big green button marked ‘Start Now’ below. This will take you to the ‘Home’ screen where you can see all of the information you need to know about how to play Marvel Snap.

The first thing you need to do when you land here is click on the little arrow next to the word ‘Sign In’. Here you can set up your profile details like your username and password. There’s also a place to put in your date of birth so that you can make sure that everyone you’re sending comics to knows what age you are.

Click on ‘Next’ after inputting your birthday information and you’ll be shown the options available for your email address. Choose whichever one you think sounds best and you’re good to go!

Step 2: Get To Know Your Characters

Once you’ve got your account set up, you’ll be taken straight to a list of your favorite heroes and villains. The more you play, the more characters you’ll unlock but don’t worry – they’re not hard to find out. Simply touch the character you want to visit and they’ll appear right away.

If you’re having trouble seeing your characters, try tapping on the magnifying glass icon located above each character and you’ll instantly see them pop into view.

Step 3: Create A Page

Now that you’ve gotten your account set up and seen who your favourite characters are, you’re ready to create a page. Each page has its own unique URL so you can access it at any time by going to[page_name]

To create a new page, simply touch on the plus symbol that looks like a pencil and it will appear in front of you. Tap on it and you’ll see the option to add a new page. If you’d rather just open a blank page instead, you can do that by touching on the word ‘New’.

You’ll now see two boxes above the word ‘Create New’. Inside the first box is where you type in the name of your page while inside the second box is where you write whatever notes you have about the page (this is optional). When you’re done making your new page, touch on ‘Save’ and the page will be created.

With your new page, you have two options. You can either send it to someone else directly by touching on their profile picture and selecting ‘Send To Friend’, or you can post it publicly by tapping on the ‘+’ above the ‘Add a comment’ text area. To do the latter, select ‘Post Publicly’ and you’ll be given the option to choose between posting the page publicly or sharing it with a specific group of people.

After you publish your page, you’ll see it listed under ‘My Pages’ on the left side of the screen. From here, you’ll be able to edit it, delete it, or save it to keep it private.

Step 4: Send Someone Else Your Page

If you’ve made a new page and you want to send it over to another user, you can do so easily by touching on their profile picture and selecting ‘View My Profile’. Next, select ‘Share My Page’ and you’ll see a list of pages that you have shared before.

Selecting the person you want to send the page to will automatically take you to their profile where you can see which pages they have saved and which ones they haven’t. It’s important to note that once you send a page to someone else, you won’t be able to retrieve it anymore unless you create a duplicate copy of it yourself.

To send a page to someone, tap on the ‘Send’ button located below every profile picture. Once you’ve sent your page, you’ll receive a notification saying that it was successfully sent and you can check the status of your request on the main dashboard page.

Step 5: Play Your First Comic

After you’ve sent a page to someone else, you should find that you’re ready to play the game. Just tap on the magnifying glass icon located above any character to visit their profile and then tap on the ‘Play’ button. You’ll now be transported to the ‘Comic Viewer’ where you can read through the story of the hero or villain you chose to play.

When you’re ready to start creating your own comic, you can do so by tapping on the ‘Comics’ tab located above the other tabs. If you want to create a new page, you can do so by choosing ‘Create New’ from the ‘Pages’ tab. You can also browse the various categories such as Superheroes, Villains, etc. to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Finally, you can browse the various comics already available to read and enjoy by clicking on the ‘Browse Comics’ tab. All of the comics you can download are located in the ‘Downloads’ section and you can read through them whenever you want!